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Welding Capabilities

Global Body & Equipment – Welding CapabilitiesOur Welding Department is organized for maximum efficiency. Each day our experienced team of welders methodically process parts from simple weldments to very large complex assemblies and subassemblies until the finished product is ready for cleaning, thorough inspection and approval before moving to powder coating. Global Body and Equipment has recently added an additional 8,000 square feet of welding area.  Our team of 18 welders provides our customers a wide variety of capacity and capability.

Our equipment includes:

  • OTC-DR-4000 Robotic Welder with automatic two position table
  • Miller Wire Welder CP200 with boom and 1000# wire feed system.
  • 2 Miller Wire Welders CP200-901-851.
  • 10 Miller Wire Welders Delta Weld 452.
  • 8 Miller Wire Welders Miller matic 350P
  • Miller Spoolmatic Gun (aluminum).
  • 2 Miller Tig Welders 250 amp.
  • Victor Gas Torch and Gas Welding Unit.
  • Cobramatic 250 Model 181-001, 250 amp.
  • Banner 100 KVA press type spot welder, Model 2SPQ75A.
  • 2 Banner 30 KVA press type welders, Model 1SPQ30A18.
  • Federal rocker arm welder #RA3 50 KVA.
  • Banner 20 KVA press type spot welder, Model LSPO20AL.
  • Federal 15 KVA press type spot welder.


This is a large assembly that Global Body engineers designed for our customer and we also produce all the parts and weld into an assembly. There is over 30 hours of fabrication and welding in this single part.


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