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Shears / Press Brakes

Global Body & Equipment - Shears / Press BrakesShears

Lodge & Shipley Power Squaring Shears, Model 0410-SL, 1/4″, 10 foot capacity.


Press Brakes

Press Brake capabilities provide low-cost setup with full CNC controlled, 7-axis forming.  Conventional forming is available for higher run quantities, up to 320 tons and 14 foot length.  Our equipment includes:

  • LVD PPE Press Brake, 150 ton, 10 foot, 7 axis, Auto Crowning, including easy form probe.
  • LVD PPEC Press Brake 320 ton, 14 foot, 7 axis, auto crowning with precision ground tooling for air bending
  • Accurpress Press Brake, 250 ton, 12 foot, 2-axis back gage.
  • Accurpress Press Brake, 175 ton, 12 foot, Hurco auto bend back gage