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Robotic Welding Capabilities

Robotic Welders

Global Body & Equipment – Robotic Welding CapabilitiesGlobal Body and Equipment has two robotic welders.  The larger is a Miller CP200.  It has two material positioners so that we can weld a different assembly on each side.  The parts are tacked to together in a fixture manually while the robot is welding another part.  The tacked together part is placed onto a holding fixture to ensure the welds are placed precisely where they need to be.


OTS Robotic Welder

Global Body & Equipment - OTC Robotic Welding CapabilitiesGlobal Body also has an OTS Robotic welder. This welder has a rotating table that positions the parts in front of the robot.  The pictures below show a welder placing parts into the fixture and clamping them into place. The table rotates so the robot can weld the parts. The operator side of the table can then be loaded with additional parts as the robot is welding on the opposite side.