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Perfect Parts From State-of-the-Art CNC Programmed Equipment

Global Body & Equipment - EquipmentOur state-of-the-art Lasers, Turret Presses, Punch Presses, Robotic Welders, Paint Line, machining centers, lathes and Press Brakes are all CNC programmed to your exacting specifications for precision cutting, shaping, forming, machining and painting.

Our Lasers allow for close-tolerance, intricate contour cutting of a wide variety of materials, without the need for special tooling.

Our Turrets and Punch Presses are programmed from our vast selection of standard tools, eliminating the need for costly special tooling.

The LVD press brakes are computer controlled and programs are saved in order to reduce set up time when parts are run again.

CNC uses robotic welding for many parts.  These are teach pendant programmed and each welder is trained in programming the welders.

Our machining centers and CNC lathe are programmed off line and down loaded to the machine.

Each of these machines utilizes the engineering data to provide the models for the programming.  Parts are checked and verified against the models by using a coordinate measuring machine.

Check out the following pages for lists of on-line equipment and the performance capabilities of each.