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Quality Assurance

Global Body & Equipment - Quality AssuranceGlobal Body and Equipment’s experienced quality department is committed to ensuring your product is manufactured to meet your specifications and needs. With over 50 combined years of experience in the manufacturing industry, our staff is well qualified to assist in the product development from beginning to end.

Even before production begins, our quality staff is involved with input on product development and first article inspection. Inspection efforts continue as production employees perform in-process inspections during the production run while supervisors and quality technicians sign off on set-ups or spot check random samples to ensure accuracy throughout the day. Our quality and supervisory staff is trained to encompass special processes such as welding, powder coating and assembly within production line inspection processes and when required, product can be flagged for final inspection prior to shipment to the customer. From start to finish, we are there to take whatever steps necessary to ensure the quality of your product meets you expectations.

Global Body and Equipment has a full complement of traditional metrology equipment to ensure your product quality, as well as the recent addition of a FARO Coordinate Measuring Machine. The addition of the CMM allows us to decrease inspection times, accommodate inspection of more complex product and assemblies and allows us to reverse engineer from your supplied samples. The quality staff also works with each department in an ongoing review of our documented processes and procedures to foster an environment of continuous improvement.

Our quality assurance program is designed to comply with the applicable elements of Military Specification MIL-1-45208A, ANSI -ASQ A94, MIL-Q -9858A Quality Program, MIL-1-45208A Inspection Systems and MIL-STD-45662 Calibration Systems.