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One of the things that sets Global Body and Equipment apart from most contract manufactures is our engineering capabilities. We have 3 design engineers on staff with over 75 years of combined experience. During the past 5 years we have designed over 60 products for our customers. This includes simple items to complex products that have required over 500 hours of design time. This service is supplied to our customers at no-charge. This type of support and partnership is what sets us apart from others in our field. If you need help in design, re-design, or cost reductions please contact us below.

Bob Lapsley – President
330-264-6640 ext. 250

Rick Hart – Engineering Manager
330-264-6640 ext. 223


Engineering Spotlight

This is one example of a part redesign for our customers.

Global Body & Equipment - Engineering Part Demo - Original Part

Original design from the customer. This assembly was made of 7 separate parts and required weld, metal finish, and a weld fixture.



Global Body & Equipment - Engineering Part Demo - Actual Part

Actual part, as redesigned

Global Body & Equipment - Engineering Part Demo - Part Redesign

The part was redesigned by Global Body engineers. The result was a single part that required no weld or metal finish. The new part was profiled on the laser and run through a computer controlled press brake. The new design resulted in a savings of over 60% in the cost of the part.